Fremm GP

Private Farm Tubod

Non commercial - ecological farming

We run a small farm in Tubod, on the island of Mindanao, the southernmost and second largest island of the Philippines.

Our farm is our passion,we are not striving for the greatest possible profit. 

Our claim and our goal should be that our farm and the name Fremm GP are always connected with the terms:

Ecological - fair - social

Fremm GP

We love nature

We think that a farm should work in harmony with nature. We also think that the animals should not be locked or tied up. We strive to ensure that our animals are kept in a species-appropriate manner with the best possible freedom - because farm animals deserve respect and good treatment.

Our Animals

Different species - freely together

Live free

No tying....The animals are free to move inside the pasture.

Live in groups

Our animals live in natural social groups, no individual animal husbandry.

Cows and Goats

Native Chicken

and sometimes also pigs...

Monthly video impression

March 2024

Coconut Party

Plants - Fruits

There are various plants in manageable numbers on our farm. 



Development of coconut - used for copra and charcoal.

Mango and Maracuja

Evergreen Mango

Maracuja - the green unripe and the yellow ripe




Banana Latundan

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